The G-Unit Power Distribution Center is an essential part of any hotel heat treatment project.  It is important to pick the right adapter for your project.  The G-Unit will plug into 220 Volt 20 AMP PTAC receptacles using the HOTEL ADAPTER.  For other PTAC receptacles, please contact us for custom adapters.

  • Adds more power (Multiple Heating Elements)
    • Up to 4 — ‘12-Amp Heating Elements’
    • Up to 6 — ‘8-Amp Heating Elements’
  • Safety Features
    • Insulated Enclosure
    • Main Breaker Overcurrent Protection
    • GFCI Protected
  • Commonly Purchased:
    • G-Unit (Yellow, Blue or Red)
    • Hotel Adapter ( Or Contact Us for Custom Adapters)
    • GMS Distribution Trolley Bag (Black)

For additional product information and features, please watch the below video: Coming Soon.

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